Somerset Lovin'

We love wine, but when it comes to cheddar, no wine pairs better than a great British cider or beer.  We have developed this boxes to celebrate classic West Country produce.  A hundred years ago Somerset had plenty of farms producing real clothbound cheddar.  But war, rationing, and the demands of supermarkets depleted that number. Luckily a few farms survived and with the Slow Food Movement, a Protection of Origin was set up.  Somerset Lovin’ is an homage with a twist to two of our favorite farmhouse Somerset cheddars, Montgomery and Westcombe. We’ve found the perfect beer for cheddar, Ninkasi from The Wild Beer Co., which was designed with cheddar in mind. A celebration beer that will have you toasting to Somerset.

The Beer: Ninkasi 750ml
The Cheeses: Montgomery Cheddar 250g, Westcombe Cheddar 250g
Accompaniment: Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crispbreads