Roquefort Papillon Black Label AOP

Roquefort Papillon Black Label AOP

Roquefort Papillon Black Label AOP
Producer: Fromagerie Papillon
Region: Midi-Pyrénées
Milk: Ewes
Style: Blue
Vegetarian: No
Pasteurized: No


Tasting Notes Cheese: 

Roquefort is the father of all blue cheeses. The original Penicillium Roqueforti, used in most blue cheese today, came from moist caves under an abbey baking rye bread. Rye bread forms an integral part of the manufacture of Roquefort. Within its crumb, the Penicillium Roqueforti develops the fungus, which gives the cheese its taste and its green and blue marbling. Papillon is the only producer to still bake their own rye. Each year in September, the Papillon baker comes to make approximately 300 rye breads which are required for the annual production of the Penicillium Roqueforti used in the Roquefort Papillon recipe. A perfect balance of robust ewe’s milk and intense marbling with a long satisfying finish, Black Label is undoubtably one of the finest Roqueforts on the market.

Wine Pairing: 2014 Monbazillac Chateau Roman, 2014 Domaine Guirouilh Jurancon Sec, 2017 Roche De Belanne, 2015 Corbières`Futs de Chene` Chateau Vaugelas, 2013 Chateau Les Mingets Sauternes.