Roque ’n’ Red

Simply French! Grab yourself a baguette and transport yourself to the Midi-Pyrénées – home of Roquefort Papillon and the region of Corbières. We pair up Roquefort a few different ways, but for this box we wanted to keep it close to home. Chateau Vaugelas and Fromagerie Papillon are less than a two hour drive on the A75 from each other. The marriage of our Corbières, with its hint of Languedoc garrigues, and this king of Roquefort, is a match to be celebrated. Finished off with a Wild Hare Pâté, this box is sure to bring plenty of “joie de vivre”.                                                                                                          

The Wine: 2015 Corbières`Futs de Chene` Chateau Vaugelas
The Cheese: Roquefort Papillon Black Label AOP 250g
Accompaniments: Wild Hare Pâté, Stag Water Biscuits