Peter's Yard Original 200g

Peter’s Yard was born of the successful collaboration of two British friends with Swedish Bakers Peter Ljungqvist and Jan Hedh. Ian and Wendy met Peter in Sweden, with the hope of bringing sourdough crispbreads to the UK. And so, Peter’s Yard crispbread was born, inspired by Peter, his lovely home and his yard with a wooden gate on the edge of the beautiful Swedish countryside. The biscuits quickly caught the attention of chefs and cheese mongers alike and have become a staple for cheeseboards across the UK.

Tasting Notes: 

Made from rye, whole wheat, milk and a touch of honey, these crisp breads have the classic sourdough kick in a compact crunchy disk. Perfect with all cheese and a 3 Star Great Taste Award winner you can’t go wrong adding these to any cheeseboard.