A Passion for Wine & Cheese

A Passion for Wine & Cheese

I was a foodie from a young age, always playing in the kitchen and fancying myself quite the chef. My mum said I had champagne taste on a beer budget. Little did she know I would go on to make sparkling and table wines in cellars both in the Okanagan in my native Canada and in Australia. It was in the Okanagan, surprisingly at the ripe old age of 21, that I tasted my first artisan cheese but it wasn’t until moving to the UK with my British wife Kate, that my love affair with cheese truly began. Nowhere else in the world has such affordable access to so many amazing cheeses as Europe does. We have over eight hundred cheeses being made in the UK, let alone the variety from the continent. As consumers we truly are spoilt for choice.

As a cheese monger and deli owner, I set out to delve deeper into my passions – wine and cheese. Whenever I select a new wine for our shelves, I always think of which cheese it would lend itself to, which food it best matches. I came to realize there was an opportunity in the online market for wine and cheese pairings. There are plenty of top notch online cheese retailers and wine merchants, but there are few people focusing on the relationship between the two. We have set out to truly explore the world’s oldest paring.

Our Wine & Cheese Boxes are the result of two years of planning, tasting and testing out our ideas in our beautiful deli on the edge of Dartmoor. After the addition of our Wine Courtyard last summer, I turned my attention to developing our parings, finding the perfect packaging and designing our online shop so that we could deliver our boxes right to your door. My team and I truly love developing our boxes and are excited to finally launch our new website and online shop.

Each month we will showcase new parings in our “Box of the Month”, we have limited edition boxes centered around great deals on cheeses and we will continue to develop our year-round selections.

We hope you enjoy joining us on our exploration of wine and cheese.