Ottervale Devon Fire 

Ottervale has its traditions steeped in Devon, starting life as a pâté producer in 1969, adding Christmas puddings in the 80’s and preserves in the 90’s. As the preserve side of the business expanded, the pâté brand was sold to focus exclusively on their award-winning chutneys and preserves. Over the last twenty years the brand has grown, whilst maintaining its family values. All products are still made in small gas fire pots and the onions and veggies are peeled and chopped by hand.

Tasting Notes: 

With onions, peppers and orange, this chutney/jam adds an element of heat and sweetness to your cheeseboard, for those who crave spice. It’s well balanced and not overpowering so your cheese will still shine. We recommend it with cheddar but if you just need to have spice, it will work with most cheeses.