Olive Branch Kalamata Fig & Mint Tapenade

Olive Branch founder Maria Koinaki is from Crete. Having studied in the UK and seen the growth of foodie culture here, she decided to turn her father’s olive oil, which she helped pick and press as young girl, into a brand. Together with her partner Kamil, they launched Olive Branch in the Summer of 2011. Her father works closely with the local community co-operative where his olives are still pressed. The business has grown to include a multitude of Crete products from olives and dressings to Dakos.

Tasting Notes: 

A fantastic twist on the traditional, this chunky tapenade balances out the savoury and underlying bitter tones of the olives with sweetness from the fig and a fresh ending from the mint. Its origins may be Greek but this tapenade pairs beautifully with strong fruity cheeses from Italy and the UK.