Neufchâtel Heart

Producer: Sarl Villiers
Region: Haute-Normandie, Neufchâtel-en-Bray
Milk: Cows
Style: Camembert Family
Vegetarian: No
Pasteurized: No

Tasting Notes Cheese: 

Neufchatel is a traditional, white mould ripened, Camembert family cheese, originating from the village of Neufchâtel-en-Bray in northern Normandy. Made from cow’s milk, it is one of France’s oldest cheeses, dating back as far as 1035. The cheese can be made in rounds and cylinders and hearts. Legend goes that French farm girls fell in love with English soldiers during the Hundred Years War and started making heart shaped cheeses to show their love. The cheese was granted AOC status in 1969, and can be industrial, farmstead or artisanal. Our cheese is Artisanal and has a mushroomy, rich, nutty and slightly yeasty taste with a strong rich bloom.