Devon Blue

Devon Blue

Producer: Ticklemore Cheese
Region: Devon
Milk: Cow
Style: Blue
Vegetarian: Yes
Pasteurized: No

Tasting Notes Cheese: 

Handmade by Robin Congden of the Ticklemore Cheese Co. Devon Blue is a semi-hard blue cheese made using vegetarian rennet and unpasteurised milk from the farm's own herd of Ayreshire cows on the River Dart. Devon Blue is pale, creamy yellow in colour and dotted with pockets of blue moulds and veins. The texture is dense and slightly crumbly. It is an easy eating blue with hints of lemon and meadow that mingle with salty blue.

Wine Pairing: 2016 La Playa Un-Oaked Chardonnay, 2017 Roche De Belanne, Paulett Trillians Sparkling Red, 2014 Domaine Guirouilh Jurancon Sec, 2014 Monbazillac Chateau Roman, 2015 Frecciarossa Pinot Nero