Comté Fort Saint Antoine AOC

Comté Fort Saint Antoine AOC
Producer: Marcel Petite
Region: Franche-Comté
Milk: Cows
Style: Very hard
Vegetarian: No
Pasteurized: No

Tasting Notes Cheese: 

In 1966, Marcel Petite discovered a defunct military fort in a forest of Haut Doubs, at 3600 ft. altitude. The fort’s structure of cut and vaulted stone, covered with a thick layer of soil, provides ideal conditions for “Affinage Lent” (slow maturing). Petite realised that his Comtés should be aged in their natural environment, near the mountain cheese dairies where they are made. Subtle. Nutty. Elegant. Truly one of the great Comtés.

Wine Pairing: 2015 Chablis `Organic` Cuvee Emeraude Dom. Alain Gautheron, 2015 Chateau Bechereau, Lalande de Pomerol, 2017 De Wetshof Bon Vallon, 2015 Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil les Quarterons.