Producer: Bongrain
Region: St Antoine, France
Milk: Cow
Style: washed
Vegetarian: No
Pasteurized: Yes

Tasting Notes Cheese: 

Chaumes is a soft cheese made in the south west of France in the village of St Antoine, at the foothills of the French Pyrénées. The washed rind and soft-ripened cheese is made using ancestral methods with pasteurized cow's milk. Chaumes has an aromatic soft golden rind and a pale yellow, creamy pate. The smooth, supple and rather springy texture is complemented by the rich, intense and full-bodied flavour of the cheese.

Wine Pairing: 2015 Frecciarossa Pinot Nero, 2017 AB Valley Wines Azal Vinho Verde, 2017 Roche De Belanne, 2015 Casa do Lago Tinto