Cave Aged Goats

Cave Aged Goats

Producer: Ford Farm
Region: Dorset
Milk: Goat
Style: Hard
Vegetarian: Yes
Pasteurized: Yes

Tasting Notes Cheese: 

Ford Farm is a west country farmhouse cheesemaker idyllically located in the rolling Dorset Downs, overlooking the World Heritage Jurassic Coast. They have been making cheese since 1972. Cave Aged Goats Cheese is a deliciously mild, savoury, firm cheese which is similar to a traditional cheddar in texture but with a distinctive yet subtle goat flavour. The cave environment adds yet another dimension to the ageing process. The year round constant 12 degrees centigrade and humidity bestows the cheese with the added benefit of rich, earthy and nutty flavours with caramel top notes.

Wine Pairing: 2015 Las Bolera Pinot Gris, 2017 Sancerre `les Longues Fins` Dom. Andre Neveu, 2016 Castillo De La Penna Jumilla