Cambozola Grand Noir

Cambozola Grand Noir

Producer: Käserei Champignon
Region: Allgäu, Germany
Milk: Cow
Style: Blue, creamy
Vegetarian: Yes
Pasteurized: Yes

Tasting Notes Cheese: 

Grand Noir is an elegant blue cheese brought to you from the makers of Cambozola. The secret to Grand Noir’s distinction is the quality of the milk and the careful affinage of this unique cheese. Grand Noir is made using fresh milk from regional farms in Southern Germany. Each wheel is hand-dipped in black wax, then pierced with penicillium and cold-ripened. The results are Grand Noir’s powerful, unique, earthy blue taste and a texture likened to clotted cream. World Cheese Championship Best Blue Cheese 2016.

Wine Pairing: 2015 Corbières`Futs de Chene` Chateau Vaugel, 2014 Monbazillac Chateau Roman, 2014 Domaine Guirouilh Jurancon, 2016 Adams Gewurztraminer, 2015 Rosso di Ca Momi, 2015 Rosso di Ca Momi, Paulett Trillians Sparkling Red.