Beenleigh Blue

Beenleigh Blue

Producer: Ticklemore Cheese
Region: Devon
Milk: Ewes
Style: Blue
Vegetarian: Yes
Pasteurized: No

Tasting Notes Cheese: 

Handmade by Robin Congden of the Ticklemore Cheese Co. Beenleigh Blue has a natural rind which is slightly sticky with some patches of blue, grey and white moulds. It is moist, yet crumbly, with light blue and blue-green streaking throughout the white paste. The flavour is steely blue with lemon almond sweetness and a spicy finish.

Wine Pairing: 2016 La Playa Un-Oaked Chardonnay, 2015 Frecciarossa Pinot Nero, 2017 Sancerre `les Longues Fins` Dom. Andre Neveu, 2017 Roche De Belanne, 2015 Il Tauro Salice Salentinio.